Oh Vienna

Or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Currywurst" I try to avoid layovers wherever possible. It's not that I mind waiting around airports - it's that I mind not being able to leave them when there's so much to see outside. Especially as a completionist. By the end of this trip I'll be changing [...]

Two Nights in Bangkok

One more than Murray Head. Check and mate! I probably didn't do Bangkok justice - I only had one non-travel day in this city, and I spent that in Ayutthaya. I don't regret that choice - Ayutthaya was amazing. But my last day in Bangkok was bit of a rush, trying to make the most of [...]

Turn Down for Wat

My first rule of travel? I always go for the window seat. When Wellington was chosen as the third (and current) settlement to serve as New Zealand's capital, one of the reasons chosen was our stunning natural harbour. With Wellington Airport sitting on the edge of the harbour, the view tends to be worth the price of a [...]